GIB stopping rules

When it comes to GIB plasterboard stopping it is imperative to follow some fundamental rules to create a better-looking and long-lasting finish. This guide will help you to understand the four easy laws of GIB stopping so you can easily find a professional GIB Installer. Before you employ them, make sure to ask questions about […]...

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Painting your home to give it a brand new look is a little different than painting it for staging purposes. Because a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest as well as most cost effective ways to transform your living place into a good looking modern place. Of course, adding some fresh colour […]...

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uneven drywall even

There are various different reasons why a drywall can become uneven. Those horrible valleys and ridges you have found could have been the result of getting wet. The drywall may have been installed badly, or you may find that removing the wallpaper has wrecked things. But fixing it isn’t impossible. The main technique that you […]...

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Skim Coat Plaster experts Auckland

I hope that you read thru my previous post an easy process to remove wallpaper before moving ahead. When wallpaper is removed from drywall, often times the result is a damaged drywall. There will be tears, gouges and other ugly flaws that no-one in their right mind would want to leave. But getting it fixed […]...

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