For people who are planning to remodel their house or looking forward to a new construction, it won’t be an easy task to create a budget. This is especially true in case if you are thinking of installing a drywall in your house for the first time. You may find it daunting to estimate the […]...

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In my last post, I have explained about the process of levelling drywall. Furthermore, when it comes to installing a new drywall against bare wood studs you will need to keep the drywall’s horizontal orientation correct. The drywall should be hung vertically and if it is not you will need to clip the sheets from […]...

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When visible seams develop on drywall the drywall finishers fix them by using an effective technique known as skim coating. This is the best technique to conceal visible drywall seams and levelling the unwanted texture or an uneven surface. This technique is not complicated, but still takes a considerable amount of  practice to achieve the […]...

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In this modern age and day, smart houses are becoming a great way of living for most of the people. In fact, we will see more use of cool automated features within our homes in 2017 and future. But still many people see smart homes as a luxury rather than a necessity. However, there is […]...

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