While an individual can easily handle the job of drywall installation but it may not result a good finish. Most of the people take an entire week to complete the drywall installation project. Hence, turning it into a difficult and stressful project. Although you might be a DIY enthusiast that know to deal with this […]...

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When it comes to taping a drywall joint the process require great skills to perfectly smoothen the surface. After taping and finishing process is over the joints of gypsum panels are taped. The concept of taping a drywall joint is easy but the method used require improved skills in order to achieve durable joints that […]...

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IDS Auckland

Drywall installation appears a very easy job to most people. In fact, many people prefer attempting to install drywall than turning to a professional. But this way it can turn into a very tedious and exhausting project. This is where the benefits of hiring IDS for Drywall Installation out weight reasons of doing-it-yourself. The IDS […]...

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When it comes to patching or repairing holes and screws in a drywall there are a number of techniques that you can use. In this post, we have discussed three different types of techniques to patch a drywall repair. You can use any of the below given methods to fix holes that are about thirteen […]...

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So, you have just moved into your new house or maybe again occupied the rooms that have been recently renovated. During the first six months after renovation your fresh painted drywall looked beautiful. But eventually cracks start appearing on its  seams and you start noticing screw popping out through the paint. In such cases, most […]...

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For people who are planning to remodel their house or looking forward to a new construction, it won’t be an easy task to create a budget. This is especially true in case if you are thinking of installing a drywall in your house for the first time. You may find it daunting to estimate the […]...

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