How much does it cost to hang or install a drywall?

For people who are planning to remodel their house or looking forward to a new construction, it won’t be an easy task to create a budget. This is especially true in case if you are thinking of installing a drywall in your house for the first time. You may find it daunting to estimate the construction costs for the project and set a budget accordingly.

The only best option that you may choose is contacting a contractor and obtaining a cash quote. However, you may still not get a good idea whether you are getting a fair deal or not. It is important to understand the process of assessing the costs of installing drywalls. It will help you to decide whether the quote offered by a drywall contractor is fair and whether to accept or reject it.

To help you out, we have discussed below the associated costs of both large drywall projects and small remodels or patches.

Determining the associated costs of large drywall projects

First, let’s understand the costs associated with large construction or remodel jobs. This means the projects that cover more than 1 or 2 rooms or the areas which require over 50 drywall sheets. Most of the contractors consider the standard square footage rate of the area where the drywall is to be installed in order to quote a price. Remember the square footage rate generally depends on the square footage of drywall that is required to cover every part of the area. It is not based on the square footage of the floor area of the home.

For instance, a drywall contractor may need a drywall of around 8,000-9,000 square feet in order to cover a home with 2,000 square feet of floor area and ceilings of eight foot height. The number of walls in your room and its layout will decide the amount of surface that is to be covered with drywall.

The contractor will first determine the number of drywall sheets that is required for the whole project. They use different methods of determining the total number sheets required. However, an average person should use the most precise way to measure all the ceilings and walls to find the total square footage of the surface on which drywall is to be used. Don’t forget to leave the areas for doors and windows unless they cover more than half of the area which is to be covered with the drywall.

Drywall sheet count calculator

You can use the standard drywall sheet count calculator to estimate the number of sheets needed for your project. After determining the sheet count and the equivalent drywall square footage count. You can multiply it by the square footage rate given by the contractor. The labour rate given by a contractor may vary from one area to another. But generally the labour rates for both hanging and taping the drywall may range between 40 cents per square foot to 80 cents per square foot. Excluding the material used in the project.

Additionally, you can expect to pay more money for labour required for installing drywalls in rooms with decorative soffits, high ceilings or complicated angles. You should not expect to get the square footage rates for a small remodel or one room project. Most of the contractors will not provide you a quote depending on the standard footage rates unless the project requires more than 50 sheets.

Different drywall contractors offer different square footage rates for labour used depending on their ability and experience. You should expect to pay around 30-33 cents per square foot for the costs of materials. The contractors may buy materials from the drywall supply stores in your area. These stores may also provide discounts to the contractors.

How to estimate the price of small drywall jobs?

The small drywall projects usually include the smaller areas like a bathroom or kitchen renovation or renovation of one room. The contractors will first determine the number of materials required. And, then decide the time it will take to complete the project. While estimating the costs the contractor generally uses their previous experience. Remember, each tradesman will try to earn between 200 to 300 dollars every day in every small drywall project. Whereas the helpers may not be more skilled than the journeymen and may not charge the same pay rate. However, they will expect to make 10 to 15 dollars per hour.  

Obtain quote from more than one drywall contractor

It is always advisable to do research on best drywall contractors in your area in order to get the best drywall installation job. You should make sure to get at least three quotes. Discussing your project with more than one company will give you a better understanding about your project. This will also help you to choose the best and most reliable drywall contractor for your project. Even though they may quote you a high price. But their experience will definitely help you by reducing your troubles. When choosing a company make sure to use your judgement as it can make a huge difference in the quality of the finished product. Other than this, it is also wise to seek references from your friends or family members in order to know the reputable companies in your location.

 In Conclusion

You can expect to pay around 70 to 125 cents per square foot of the room that is required to be covered with drywall. And, if your area has very high ceilings and complicated features, you can expect to pay even more money for the project. However, for a smaller room project which require less than 40 sheets. You can expect to pay $200 to $300 per labour per day including the material cost. Remember individual contractors may use their own methods for calculating costs.

Feel free to contact us for the custom quotes if you are planning to install drywall in your premises.

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