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When it comes to maintaining good aesthetics of your house interior it is a really tough job. Particularly if you choose to deal with it yourself. It is all about taking care of the small details like dents, scratches, holes and cracks on your walls or ceilings. These kind of damages can easily deteriorate the look of your interior space.

Having a bad quality plaster service on your house interior can totally bring down its appearance. However, if you find yourself in such a situation and you live in Auckland, don’t worry. You can get help from the Auckland’s local interior & exterior plastering services called IDS.

At IDS, we perform plaster repairs with great perfection, for both domestic and commercial buildings. It is totally hassle-free because we visit the customers to understand their expectations. Based on it, we select appropriate methods and products to fix the plaster.

As a result, we leave the client with an ultra-smooth, flawless and perfect plaster on walls or ceilings. You can decorate it to improve the appearance of your room.

Additionally, we have the craftsmanship to deal with any size or design of the project. It is because no job is too big or too small for our extensively knowledgeable team. We have achieved the best expertise in this industry by working for more than 15 years now. This is what make us highly competent in our business and help us to provide affordable services too. So, don’t waste your time, call us today to discuss your needs for plaster repair services.

Why contact IDS

  • Unparalleled workmanship for various types of projects
  • Highly experienced and efficient crew
  • Stress-free and affordable plaster repair service
  • Leaving clean space once the job is done
  • We put our attention to every detail so as to produce the best results
  • Friendly customer service available seven days a week.

We are efficient at handling different types of plaster repairs

While fixing a damaged plaster on ceilings or walls you need to take care of a lot of small things. Otherwise the entire job can go wrong. Though you can avoid this hassle by getting in touch with our team at IDS. We can fix any wear and tear, physical damage or water damage by using best skills.

Sometimes issues like cracked, flaking, split or crumbling plaster occur due to wrong installation. And, it completely spoils the appearance of the surface. That’s why we make sure to understand the nature and cause of damage. This support us to fix the problem by using correct methods that fits the budget of the customer.

How it works

Firstly, we visit the clients place to inspect and understand the problem. After properly scanning the nature of and cause of problematic plaster we choose the right technique. This way we come up with the most appropriate solution to create a perfect finish. It can be plasterboard replacement, covering up a small surface or large-scale plastering. We can also revamp an entire ceiling or wall to completely fix the spreading damage.

You have to only get in touch with us and negotiate a suitable quote. And, we guarantee to complete the entire project within the fixed price. When we start to work, we begin by first taking off the deteriorated plaster. After this only, we make the required repairs whether on ceilings or walls. Once the repair is done, we install a good quality and fresh plasterboard. It is covered up with a high quality plaster compound. When we finish the project, we make sure to clean the area without causing trouble to customers.

Want plaster repairs in Auckland? Contact Us!

Looking for any of following service:

Time to call us toll free – 0800 222 771

Whether you want plaster repairs or restoration of your domestic place, contact our team to get high quality results. We are highly competent to cover up and repair any damage on wall or ceiling. Overall, we can help you with the perfect solution, regardless of your problem. So, if you want to improve your office or renovate your home interior, we are there to help you. We promise a fair price, top customer service and perfect quality with every job.

You can get a free no-obligation quote today, just speak to our friendly representative. If you need a quote online, you can complete the enquiry form on our website. We will be happy to help as quickly as possible.

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