/ Steel Stud Wall Framing in Auckland

Steel Stud Wall Framing in Auckland

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At Interior Drywall Solutions, we have a Wall Studs and Variety of Hemmed Track sections that are specially designed with strength and safety in mind. Using them will result in less injuries being sustained on the site. This is due to the hemmed return lip. Its enhanced rigidity makes sure that unwanted rotation doesn’t occur, while also ensuring that there are no sharp edges.

The stud face has a vertical rip. It is there so that the wall linings are able to be placed centrally. This means that fixing is a task that can be completed easier and with greater speed. For those out there who want better screw location, there is a deeper knurling that ensures this. Add to this the fact that the studs lock together perfectly. The resulting boxed stud profile is beyond reproach.

When it comes to building code requirements, our Steel Stud Drywall Framing System complies with all of the relevant ones. This includes load bearing, seismic, acoustic and fire-rated building codes.

There are bell mouthed service holes on our 0.50bmt, 0.55bmt and 0.75bmt Wall Studs. There are no sharp edges protruding from them making the need for fitting grommets completely non-existent when electrical cabling is involved.

A Huge Range of Noggings

Your internal wall framing is going to require noggings. Fortunately, we have a massive range of noggings for you to choose from. Each different nogging is for a different purpose.

One such variety of noggings are the one that is installed while steel stud framing is being carried out. An example of this type of nogging is the continuous nogging track and the double punched nogging track. There is also a nogging that is installed when the stud framing process is concluded.

Accessories of the Complimentary Variety

All of these complementary components and different sizes, including special cleats, nogging tracks and curved tracks, means that all situations are being catered to.

What are they Suitable For?

  • Seismic Wall System by design
  • Acoustic Wall Systems by design
  • Non-load and load bearing (by design) partition walls
  • Bulkheads
  • Light Weight Floor Joists
  • External Wall systems by design
  • Non-Fire Rated and Fire-Rated Systems
  • Window and Door Jambs
  • Steel Stud Ceiling Systems

Special Features

  • In order to make safety a priority, Bell mouthed service holes are used on 0.50bmt, 0.55bmt and 0.75bmt Wall Studs.
  • Gauges that range from 0.050 to 1.15bmt, and profile widths that can be 51 to 150mm.
  • Bluescope Steel is used to manufacture them, and the coating width starts at a minimum of Z275.
  • A track that is flexible, great for use on walls that are curved
  • In order to avoid the problem of unwanted rotation, most of the Stud and Tracks are hemmed.
  • Custom lengths are available

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