Wall Repair and Fixing in Auckland

Every homeowner wants a clean and beautiful space to live in. But, it requires a lot of efforts to keep your house beautiful and welcoming. People have to strive hard in order to maintain an elegant and unblemished house interior. And, this is where the team at IDS performs a major role.

Why hire an IDS team to fix your Wall?

Interior Drywall Solutions [IDS] is a well-licensed and professional interior and exterior construction company. We have been delivering a wide range of paint stripping, house painting, and renovation and plastering services in Auckland, NZ for over 15 years. As such we have a highly experienced and well-qualified team to handle every project with professionalism.

How Can We Help You with GIB Repairs?

We can help you to fix hole in plaster wall. We understand that ceilings and walls are an integral part of a house. Needless to say, it is important to timely upkeep your walls and ceilings repair when damaged. If you don’t give them a smooth finish with quality paints it won’t make your home look beautiful. That’s why we focus at providing top-quality plastering and wall repairing services. We do it for residential as well as commercial buildings, whether it is new or old.

With top quality skills of our team you can give a beautiful look to your house interior.  Whether you want to fix a small damage like dents, cracks and scratches in your ceilings or walls. You can leave it to our highly knowledgeable professionals. We take care of every part of the interior repair and plastering job in the best possible way.

We are Auckland’s top choice for Wall Repair and Fixing Services.

  • Best quality plastering and painting finish

Whether you are looking to renovate your office or house interior. We will provide you the best plastering services including wall repair and fixing. You can count on us to get the best results every time you offer us a project. Our skilled team works hard to provide a seamless finish using effective plastering techniques. Beside this we use top quality products for different kinds of interior plastering projects. This helps us to select the best suited product and create a flawless finish.

  • Quality plasterboards and wall fixing

If you have a damaged wall, make sure to get it fixed by professionals at Interior Drywall Solutions. Our crew provide the simplest and fastest way to fix walls with any type of damage like dents, scratches and cracks. We use fresh plasterboard as well as insert them properly. We have ideal resources and methods for effectively stopping short joints and renovation work.

  • Wall Repairing And Extensions

The scope of our excellent services also extends to ceiling works, wall repairing, decorative cornice works, wall coving, fillings and extensions. We use the highest quality products and ready-to –use compounds to properly fix any scratches. It helps us to create an unblemished finish by repairing ceilings and walls.

We ensure to provide a highly durable finish by using our best knowledge about technical aspects. Our efficient team mainly aims at giving best options and solutions according to clients’ needs. This is why we are able to offer utmost satisfaction to all our clients with different requirements.

Contact IDS Today!

If you are interested to give your home a perfect makeover, choose our professional plastering and renovation services. To get started call us today at: 0800 222 771 and request for a free quote

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