/ Suspended Ceiling Partition Wall Installers in Auckland

Suspended Ceiling Partition Wall Installers in Auckland

Affordable Suspended Ceiling Contractors in Auckland

When it comes to partitions, IDS interior are experts. This is true whether the ceilings are acoustic, have lighting islands, are thermal, for sound control, or are purely aesthetic. If there is a commercial fit out, the key element is a suspended ceiling system. The team at IDS have the skills and expertise to provide the best solution for whatever it is that you require. Contact Auckland’s local Suspended Ceiling Partition Wall Installers today by calling 0800 222 771.  

Affordable Suspended Ceiling Contractors in Auckland

Whenever an affordable and quick method of completing a project is required, all you really need is a standard system of plasterboard supply and suspended tiled ceilings. However, some people prefer something that pushes the envelope a bit. This can mean contemporary light fittings, an electrical print, or a look that recalls a more industrial aesthetic. Sure, plasterboard is generic, but we have the skills to make things interesting.

Different Choices of Suspended Ceiling tiles and Costs

There are so many possibilities to explore, and what option you ultimately choose is entirely up to you. The fact that as far as being installers of supply systems, we are completely accredited. And we provide guarantees and warrantees when they are needed.

Things to Consider before Starting a work

  • When your requirement is a replacement tile, you need to tell us its size. There may be a code printed on its reverse side. If there isn’t, we can make do with a photo, or you can simply bring it in.
  • Perhaps you require a permit. Get in touch with your local council and see if this is the case. The ceiling installation process will be done to the correct code and earthquake restraints are included.
  • The way a ceiling heats or cools is affected by either lowering or raising it. Have a chat to us in reference to the insulation of the ceiling in question.
  • Lighting is an important consideration. A majority of lights are suspended ceiling-friendly. If you want even more, we can install clear panels for the purpose of sky lighting.
  • The kind of ceiling you will need may be influenced by what the purpose for the room is.
  • Be aware of how high the ceiling is going to be. Rooms seem larger the higher a ceiling is.

Suspended Ceiling Auckland, Free Quotes on Request

Drop us an email with the description of the work required at info@idsinterior.co.nz or give us a text or call at 0800 222 771 and we will come and have a look at the scope of the job and give you a quotation.