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Installing a drywall can be a quite an uninteresting task. But with the help of an experienced person, the right tools and patience it is something which is not very difficult to understand. If you have a small surface to cover, installing a drywall can be a fairly good solution. But, if you are covering […]...

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painters and decorators auckland

When it comes to painting a house, everyone wants the process to go smoothly and get a beautifully professional-looking finish. Here we have compiled 10 tips and techniques that will help you to make your house painting projects go faster and smoother. We have also given smart tips that will help you to reduce your […]...

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skim coat auckland

In this guide, we have given right procedures of skimming walls and what to expect when employing the services of GIB stoppers when skimming your house walls. Wallpaper removal If you have chosen to strip off the wallpaper from your house walls on your own, start by wetting the layers and leaving the water to […]...

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