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At Interior drywall Solutions [IDS], we have highly experienced and skilled paint removals specialists. We provide an effective paint stripping service from any type of surface. Whether you want to strip paint from water damaged structural beams or want to show a brick feature on your walls. You can depend on our Paint Stripping Auckland team, to finish the job effectively.

We use the dustless paint striping equipment

Being Registered Master Painters, we use a mixture of professional techniques for paint stripping. Our methods are tailored to meet the requirements of every painting project. We use the latest paint stripping technology like Paintshaver Pro. It can easily remove any type of paint which make it a perfect solution for restoration and remediation jobs.

By using Paintshaver Pro we can remove multiple layers of paint from timber, bricks, concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces. In order to ensure a safe disposal of removed debris and dust we accumulate it in a vacuum system. The Paintshaver Pro doesn’t use heat or chemicals and safely remove lead based paint. This helps us in creating a superior finish while saving money and time.

We do our job using strict safety controls

We understand that paint removal projects involve potential hazards. So, we take the safety of our clients as well as team members very seriously. We make sure to do it correctly and produce long-lasting finish. Our exterior painters have more than 15 years of extensive training and skills in this field. This means we can identify the associated risk and reduce them by using latest specialised equipment.

We use advanced materials like stripping products, encapsulated stripping equipment and quality designed vacuum sanders to collect dust. We never complete a project without using these tools because it is risky for our staff, customers and their neighbours.

Stripping lead-based paint

When it comes to removing any type of paint it can be done easily by using expert skills and knowledge. However, the process can be dangerous depending on the type of paint that is to be removed. If it is a lead-based paint, then following proper procedures and safety controls is very important. Otherwise, it can cause lead poisoning which can harm the workers as well as customers.

Sometimes you may want to strip the paint in your home due to bubbling or bad finish resulted from previous job. It is hard to determine if it is lead based or not. This can be best identified by performing a lead test. All in all the process of removal of lead paint requires expert knowledge and skills. 

So, let’s have a look at the history of lead-based paint.

In the era before 1980, most builders used lead-based paints to construct houses. These homes were restored and repainted over time with multiple coats of paint (as many as 20). The coats were applied over the original lead paints. Due to its limited life and increasing weight the original undercoats lose their hold on the weatherboards. This cause the paint chips filled with lead to fall on the floor. If it leach into the ground or comes in contact with kids or get consumed by pets. It can pose great risk to them in the form of lead poisoning.

Therefore, it is very important to remove lead-based paint as soon as it starts falling from surface. In order to achieve this job safely we use effective methods and specialised tools.

Contact IDS today!

If you want to get a paint removal job done in a safe and trouble-free way. Make sure to hire professional Auckland Painters such as IDS. It would be pointless to take risks, if your house renovation project needs a paint removal job. Just call us today at: 0800 222 771 to get a free inspection. We will send our expert right away to examine your place and start the painting job without wasting time.

Get a free inspection now

Our team aims at giving free of cost inspection to customers in and around Auckland area. This will help you to get all essential information regarding your project. So, you can take a wise decision of choosing us. It will also help you in setting a standard for level of satisfaction that you can anticipate from our services. Though you can totally rely on us to get excellent services.  From getting a cash quote to completion of the project, we’ll do it all in a hassle-free way. 

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