Painting a wall vs. Wallpaper

It doesn’t matter how expensive furniture you use in your interiors. If your walls don’t appear perfect, it will enhance the appearance of your house. It will have a great impact on the aesthetics of your house, whether you use paint or wallpaper.

Make sure to first focus on your walls, when you are re-decorating your house. You will also need to decide the colour scheme on your walls before you choose to use wallpaper or paint. If you choose a wrong option, you may have to incur huge costs.

Make sure to seek recommendations from an interior designer. This will assist you to take choose the right option for the appearance of your house.

Uneven walls

If you have imperfect or uneven walls, using wallpaper can be very helpful. When you want to hide a loose plaster, using wallpaper can be a quick fix. However, it is difficult to remove some of them. When it comes to wallpaper stripping, changing the paint color is very easy.

Durability and Life Span

Make sure to select a good quality wallpaper with good thickness. As it will last up to 15 years. And, this is a great news, if you don’t want to keep decorating your interior walls again and again. You can also properly clean various wallpapers which is again a great benefit. Particularly, if you have kids or pets in your family. It will also survive scrapes and bumps and also stay strong to wear and tear. If you want to change your walls style and appearance significantly, paint can be a good option.


There are countless varieties of both paint and wallpaper available in the market. You may choose the paint, if you need a specific shade. Mix it according to your needs such that it matches with your house interior.

Additionally, wallpapers are also available in various different shades, styles and patterns. It can also improve the style and features of your room. Also, advancements in technology have made it easy and inexpensive to easier and cheaper than ever to get various intricate designs. You can select designs based on the type of furniture you are using.

Size of room

Using paint in a small can make it look airy and bright. Along with this, it also makes your room appear bigger. However, if your room is large and spacious, you can use wallpaper to make it feel more cozy and homely. However, don’t forget that wallpapers don’t work well in spaces that are humid. Thus, avoid using them in washrooms and kitchens. As the water and steam may cause the paper to wear out. It’s best to use tiles and plaster for such spaces.

Using paint and wallpaper

A great benefit of using paint is that they can be easily applied in contrast to wallpapers. However, it could be tricky to use wallpaper. Many times you may make wrong choices and waste a lot of money. When you make your decision make sure to hire a decorator for installing the wallpaper. As it is not worth installing it on your own.


When it comes to interior decorating both paint and wallpaper are great options:

  • They can be inexpensive. Don’t forget that cheap wallpapers are thin and inexpensive paints need application of more coats.
  • They can be impressive. Remember you can use a variety of finishes (from eggshell and satin to gloss or racked.

Thus, you can play with a lot of different combinations. But make sure to prepare the surface and don’t cut the corners no matter what you choose. If you are unsure, get help from professionals @ Interior drywall solutions.

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