Why Drywall Installation should be handled by a professional?

While an individual can easily handle the job of drywall installation but it may not result a good finish. Most of the people take an entire week to complete the drywall installation project. Hence, turning it into a difficult and stressful project. Although you might be a DIY enthusiast that know to deal with this job skills. But even an enthusiastic DIYer may find it difficult to match seams, mudding it and sand it uniformly, to get smooth surface.  

Thankfully there exists professional drywall contractors. So, when you encounter a drywall repairing or replacing project, consider hiring a professional for drywall installation like IDS.

Why You Should Hire IDS for Drywall Installation?

Here we have listed some facts you should consider when you are planning for a drywall installation project:

Why hire a professional contractor to install drywall?

Hiring an experienced and certified contractor will help to accomplish the proper installation of drywall. However, when you decide to it on your own, you may need to tackle with a lot of difficulties. While a well-qualified plasterer like Interior Drywall Solutions (IDS) will give you quality finish and add value to your house.

The IDS team is well-licensed and reputable interior construction company in Auckland. Therefore, we make sure to complete the project with safety by using safety code standards. We are capable to handle nearly all types of drywall installation projects. Whether you have a residential or commercial building project, we are your best option. You can even verify it by visiting our site and checking the testimonials. Call us today to learn more about our exclusive GIB services.

Basic things you must know about drywall plastering

When it comes to installation of drywall there are some important facts that you must know. No matter if you just want to fix a small area or replace complete drywall of your room.

  • Overhead work related to the drywall installation project can be very tedious and tiresome.
  • Make sure to have all the essential tools and drywall sheets. Apart from this remember that you will need to carefully draw a cut opening in the drywall sheets for electrical openings etc.
  • When taking up this project, ensure to have the basic knowledge about house construction.
  • You must know the skill of producing seamless and excellent finish on the surface. For this learn the proper application of mud tape to even out the surface properly.
  • While preparing your surface for primer, sand it properly. After this you can paint it easily.
  • If you want to install drywall in various large size rooms, it will take more time and effort.
  • Make sure to set a realistic time to finish the job within time span. For instance, if you choose to put only a few hours in this job you end up extending it to complete weekend.
  • When installing drywall on an existing wall, make sure to demolish it initially. After this you can prepare the area for new plasterboard installation. Make sure to seal all the electrical connections so no problem occurs during or after the project completion.
  • Do your research to choose the best products and materials for your project. Choose best quality and durable items within your budget.
  • Once the installation is done, clean-up the entire space properly. Remove all the dust and wastage accumulated during the project.

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