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When it comes to taping a drywall joint the process require great skills to perfectly smoothen the surface. After taping and finishing process is over the joints of gypsum panels are taped. The concept of taping a drywall joint is easy but the method used require improved skills in order to achieve durable joints that don’t crack. In this easy step by step guide we have explained how to tap the drywall joints effectively in order to achieve smooth walls. Our easy taping tips will also help you to increase your speed.

  1. First cover the surface where two sheets of drywall connect with a thin and flat layer of drywall mud. Use a 6-inch drywall knife to apply the mud. Make sure that you apply the mud directly over the joints and that it cover an extra one and half inches on each side of the seam. Make sure not leave any bare marks or spots. Sometimes you may observe bubbling under the drywall tape. It happens when you don’t use adequate mud behind the tape.
  2. Cover the mud over the drywall joint with a strip of tape of the whole length of the drywall joint. Be careful while placing the tape and keep it directly centered over the joint. It may be difficult because the drywall mud is covering the joint’s exact location. For this reason, it is imperative to make sure that the mud directly covers the joint in just one step. You can either use a 6-inch drywall knife or your hand to rip off the drywall tape.
  3. Start taping from the center of the joint towards the length and to the end of the joints. However, if you will work from the end of the joints it will eventually drag and pull the tape off the seam. Use the 6-inch drywall knife and use medium to smoothen the tape on the seam. Make sure to squeeze the drywall mud from under the tape so that its spreads over both sides of the drywall tape. When you have done this, use a medium pressure to pass the tape over. Make sure to use stiff pressure against the tape and repeat the process again. The process of taping the drywall angles same as taping the even joints. Don’t use fiberglass mesh tape for taping the inside angles.

Tools needed for taping drywall seams

Before you start taping the drywall joints, make sure to have the necessary tools for this job like Taping knife, Mud pan and Utility knife. Having all these tools in hand will save you time and unnecessary frustration during the project.

Materials needed for this project

Make sure to have all the essential materials ready for use in order to avoid last minute purchasing and frustration. You will need a Lightweight setting-type joint compound and a drywall tape.

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