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Ceiling Cornice Auckland

In Auckland, Interior Drywall Solutions are the recommended service for high quality ceiling coving and cornices installation service.

Coving (also known as moulding) are used for decorating the plasterwork in a building. When you visit any traditional building or heritage property you will be impressed with the elegant finish. It is due to the use of beautiful coving over the plaster finish. Coving is a plain mould that is also used for covering and fixing up the cracks that occurs in the ceilings and walls. These cracks may develop due to expansion on the walls and ceiling with rise in temperature. Coving tends to be highly decorative while bridging the gap or cracks as well as other flaws in the plasterwork.

The History of Concept of Coving & Cornices

The concept of coving or moulding rise from ancient greek architecture. Traditionally, the British acquired knowledge about the coving from the Romans. Since then it is being used for the purpose of decorative buildings.

Although moulding appears to be simple it make the moulding panels appear beautiful. It softens the rough angles and provide a pleasing look to the curvature on the inverted C.

Beautiful and Contemporary Coving Installers in Auckland

In the past installation of coving was considered as an indicator of high standard and wealth. But now we have seen a great rise and development of contemporary options. This is the main reason many people and experts consider to use a mixture of plaster of paris for plastering. It is indeed a really affordable alternative. We also recommend coving installation for most palstering project. Whether it is a rental unit, newly constructed building and refurbished property using coving is the best option. It will give you a perfect finish in every case.

GIB Coving and Cornice Auckland Services

Being a specilased team in the installation of coving we offer superior quality finish. We have a great experience in this business for more than a decade now. During this period, we have efficiently worked with a number of houseowners and businesses. It is useful to improve the appearance and durability of the plasterwork and create an elegant looking finish. We offer an excellent form of Fibrous Plaster Cornice service across Auckland, NZ.

In our team every member is well-qualified and trained to give services of a skilled tradesman. Being professionals, we can easily install different kinds of contemporary moulding panels. It includes paper-faced gypsum, plaster, polystyrene and polyurethane.

If you need any advice on the installation coving, we will be glad to give you the best advice. We can also offer you a free quotation that is not obligatory. Since we have good experience in this industry we make sure to offer highly competitive and transparent price rates.

Installation of different types of coving

There are a huge variety of moulding panels that can be used to get an elegant finish. So, when choosing the perfect type we consider the style and age of your building. This way we don’t have to compromise with our creativity in bringing the best look to the plasterwork on your property.

For example, we use “Egg and Dart” coving for rooms with high ceilings. It is a decorative kind of greek architecture design. Even romans were using this. When it comes to plastering newly constructed buildings we use classic “C” coving. In addition, you can best use a sleek moulding panel if you have a small room.

Trustworthy & Experienced Coving Installation Service Providers

We are your Auckland’s local providers for perfect installation. So, we have the best qualified and friendly team to offer smooth service. We understand that there can be many disruptions while working in a clients house or business property. That’s why we focus on giving highly competitive and trustworthy services. In fact, it is our main goal to leave our clients with satisfactory results.

With so many years of expertise in this business we’ve got a a great word-of-mouth advertising. This support us to maintain good connections in the market and high standards in the market. Thus, we guarantee to give convenient and hassle-free services to clients. When our team work at your place or building, we make sure to finish the job within deadline. Also, our friendly team take care to clear up the mess before leaving the clients’ building.

Whenever you acquire our service feel free to leave a feedback or comment. Interior Drywall Solutions will be pleased to go through your reviews on our website. If you have any suggestions to make our services better, please don’ hesitate to share. Call us today at: 0800 222 771 and get a free quote.


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