Ceiling Cornice Auckland

In Auckland, Interior Drywall Solutions are the recommended service for high quality ceiling coving and cornices installation service. Coving (also known as moulding) are used for decorating the plasterwork in a building. When you visit any traditional building or heritage property you will be impressed with the elegant finish. It is due to the use […]...

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Every homeowner wants a clean and beautiful space to live in. But, it requires a lot of efforts to keep your house beautiful and welcoming. People have to strive hard in order to maintain an elegant and unblemished house interior. And, this is where the team at IDS performs a major role. Why hire an […]...

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Home renovation is an exciting experience, but there is a lot to consider when you are revitalizing your home. There are associated health risks that need to be dealt with correctly or else they can pose danger to your family. Beside this there are insurance essentials to take care of. If you have a pear-shaped […]...

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